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Das Kartenzählen ist eine Strategie für Casino-Kartenspiele, die hauptsächlich in der Blackjack-Familie von Casino-Spielen verwendet wird, um zu bestimmen, ob die nächste Hand dem Spieler oder dem Dealer wahrscheinlich einen wahrscheinlichen. Use this counter to learn how to count cards or as a tool to help you keep track of the cards dealt while playing blackjack. Best used at online live casinos. With the assistance of this app, you can make easy money playing online blackjack from the comfort of your own computer. Count the cards and you will get. Modern Card Counting: Blackjack | Linsenmeyer, Patrick | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Blackjack Apprenticeship's "Blackjack & Card Counting Trainer Pro" is the best way to master card counting so you can bring down the house! Blackjack.

Black Jack Card Counting

Modern Card Counting: Blackjack | Linsenmeyer, Patrick | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Das MIT Blackjack Team war eine Gruppe von Studenten und ehemaligen Studenten des Quelltext bearbeiten]. Leader of the MIT Card Counting Team (​) – englisch; The inside story of the MIT Blackjack Teams – englisch. - Blackjack | Card Counting | 21 | Casinos | Gaming More.

Each card in the deck is given a point value which is the card value and as the cards are dealt from the shoe the player keeps the running count of the cards.

It is time to reduce the bets and move on to the next Black Jack table when the count is in the negative -1,-2, It is easy to maintain a count in this system even for the beginners who have no prior experience with card counting.

Aces count as zero. In order to improve the efficiency of your strategy and odds, you may need to count Aces on the side.

In contrast to some other card counting systems in blackjack, you do not need to keep a separate count of aces in this system to benefit from it.

You can just assign a numerical value of 0 to the ace and proceed, which makes this method very easy to use. However, if you keep a separate count of aces on the side it does improve the effectiveness of your play.

It is recommended that beginners should ignore aces in the running count, but they should keep a separate count of the aces on the side as they gain experience.

This system is considered as a level 1 system among card counting systems. A level 1 system denotes that it is easy for players to learn and apply.

It is very easy to apply and is based on a balanced count. Even though this is an old system of card counting, it still works and is popular among blackjack players.

The fact that it is still so popular among card counters in blackjack proves that it is a very effective system.

People have been using card counting techniques to take the house down in blackjack for an extremely long time and there are plenty of different methods that have been developed over time.

However, no other technique is used more frequently, than or with as much success as the easy to learn blackjack hi-lo system.

Those people that have figured out how to master this type of card counting technique have been able to amass huge amounts of money, although they likely were kicked out of a ton of casinos on the way.

The high-low system is essentially a way of determining approximately how many cards are in the deck that have the value of ten or higher.

The ten, jack, queen and king all represent 10 in a game of blackjack, and an Ace has a value of one.

Seeing as there are four cards of each suit, that is twenty cards in the deck that have a value of either ten or eleven, which are the best cards you can get when you are playing blackjack.

This is because you are trying to get as close to twenty-one without going over and getting two tens or a combination of a ten-valued card and an ace will put you right on twenty-one.

The way it works is a counting system, where you start off at a base number and with every card that hits the table, you are going to add a value to that number, subtract a value from that number or keep it the same.

It may seem confusing at first, but there is perfect logic to this strategy in the long run. If you get a two through a six, you are going to subtract one from your starting number.

If there are any sevens through nines, they are negated and the points do not go up or down. If there are any tens through aces on the board, you add a single point to your total and this is applicable for every single card that is visible on the table.

The idea behind this strategy is to look for a ten rich deck, meaning that the deck of cards has plenty of tens, giving you a better chance of hitting good cards and winning the hand.

In essence, the lower your number gets overall, the more you should be betting. The theory is that you should get a lot more money when the deck is stacked with tens, as you have better odds of hitting a big score and when this is done repeatedly, you are going to win money in the long run.

It really is a proven system that will work over time, although it truly is gambling, so there are some occasions when you may not get lucky, but the overall point here is that you are playing your percentages and only placing large wagers when you have the best overall odds of winning the hand.

Many casinos started to see that they were getting beat out by a lot of money and had to figure out how people were winning so consistently. Once they discovered that people were counting cards and had a massive advantage, they started kicking people out of casinos and they had to take other precautions to do everything they could to prevent people from cheating them.

The way that most casinos now operate is through the use of four or more decks. This makes it extremely difficult to call because you are dealing with an exponentially greater number of possibilities, making it not only harder to comprehend but less likely that you are going to hit your cards.

However, it does not change the fact that counting cards with this method still gives the player an advantage, regardless as to how many decks they want to play with.

The only thing that they have done by resorting to this is lessening the player's ability to accurately predict the next card that is going to fall, but by no means does this mean that you cannot successfully count cards in just about any casino.

There are plenty of other methods that people have come up with that are great at counting cards as well, but this system is tried and true and is a sheer classic.

When you hear people talking about counting cards, they are likely referring to the game of blackjack, and almost always they are referring to the high-low system, which is a great way to stack the odds in your favor if you know what you are doing.

If you are interested in learning more about the system and want to talk to someone who can explain in details the intricacies of the high-low system, you might want to check out the many books that people have written in regards to this subject.

There are also classes that people pay a ton of money to go to, which promise that you will learn this type of blackjack system and will be able to capitalize after, but there have been mixed reviews.

Some people have attended these classes and truly have learned exceptional skill sets that have allowed them to win a huge amount of money over the years, but this was more towards the time when casinos were only using one or two decks.

These days, it is probably a better idea to just read a book and watch some online videos, but the great thing is that this system is fairly basic and you can get it down pretty quick if you work on it consistently.

Although many people still head out to Las Vegas, Nevada or Atlantic City, New Jersey to hit the strip and play at some big-time casinos, the reality is that most people these days are switching over to doing the majority of their gambling through online casinos.

There are a ton of benefits that come along with playing online blackjack, as well as all sorts of other games and you should definitely join a site and give it a try if you have not played online in the past.

Although you can attempt to try to count cards during online blackjack games, it truly is a bit more difficult and odds are that you are not going to be as successful as if you were playing at a real table in person.

That being said, there are a ton of advantages to playing online and it truly is a viable option, especially if you are just sitting at home and want to play some blackjack for real money.

Another benefit is that most of these websites have codes that you can enter when you join their site, which will put a great deal of extra money into your account when you deposit money for the first time.

Whether you are simply trying to learn how to count cards just to have fun with it and not take it too seriously, or whether you are on a mission to take down Las Vegas, learning this skill set can be very rewarding.

There are plenty of different card counting systems that you can choose to go with, but the high-low system is a classic and is proven to work if you stick to the strategy.

Card counting systems have been designed to give an edge to players and there are different systems of card counting in use.

These card counting systems cater to different skill and experience levels of players. Some of them are suitable for beginners while some are aimed at intermediate card counters and still some others are aimed at experienced card counters.

The highly optimum system was developed by a card counting expert, Charles Einstein, in Einstein was inspired by the system devised by Edward O.

Charles Einstein aimed to further improve Thorp's Hi-Lo system and the highly optimum system was the result of that effort.

Cooper and Humble took the concepts developed by Charles Einstein and modified them slightly to produce an effective and popular system for card counting in blackjack.

Like some other card counting systems, this system is also based on the common card counting principles. It uses the concept of the running count to help the player decide on whether to increase or reduce the size of the bets.

Conversely, when the running count falls into negative territory, like -1, -2, -3, bets are reduced.

The count in this method is balanced, which implies that the running count starts at 0 before the cards are dealt and finishes with a value of 0 after all the cards have come into play.

This comes in very handy when you practice this method at home because you can verify that you are counting correctly by checking to see if the running count is 0 after all the cards have come into play.

In actual game situations, this is unlikely to occur because all the cards do not usually come into play. Therefore, it is recommended that you practice this method thoroughly at home before you employ this method in live play situations.

The main way in which the Hi-Opt I System differs from the Hi-Lo system is in the values assigned to twos and aces, which are both assigned a value of 0.

Each card is assigned a numerical value and a running count is maintained. The various cards are assigned the following numerical values:.

The cards 0, 7, 8, 9, and ace are assigned a value of 0. The cards 10, J, Q, and K are assigned a numerical value of This feature is very helpful in live play as these cards cancel each other out, and it is easy to keep a running count.

The feature that makes Hi-Opt I a bit harder to learn is the concept known as true count. Applying the true count concept provides the system with a powerful boost.

You can apply Hi-Opt I without using true count, but its effectiveness will increase if you apply true count also.

Applying true count entails applying some mathematics and practice, but the increased effort required is justified due to the resulting increase in effectiveness.

The value of true count is calculated as running count divided by the number of remaining cards. It is best to use the percentage of remaining cards to calculate true count.

Applying true count might be difficult for beginners in live play, and they should stick to just using running count. They should wait until they have thoroughly mastered the concept and gained the necessary experience.

In this system, it is not necessary for you to maintain a side count of aces, but it becomes more effective if you include it.

Beginners are again advised to just stick with running count and practice side counting of aces thoroughly before applying them in actual play.

IF you are familiar with the Hi-Lo system and are exploring systems that improve it further, then you should consider the Hi Opt I system.

In order to use this system, you should at least have a basic understanding of card counting in blackjack. This system tweaks the values assigned to cards and also has provision for the concept of the true count which increases its effectiveness.

It might involve a little more effort to master, but it is well worth the effort due to the increase in effectiveness. However, it is not recommended for beginners.

With the advent of online casinos, players playing online blackjack have increased. These card counting systems can be applied to such online blackjack plays as well.

For most Blackjack players, they know card values. The Opt II system utilizes cards that have larger value ranges and this can make it more difficult to keep track of each individual card.

Ace equals 0 in Opt II and Natural is Card values are made up from separate groups of cards. When playing 10s, Jacks, Kings or Queens, the value is Aces are neutral in Opt II, however, the system can be further advanced when the number of Aces drawn from the packs is analyzed.

Aces are much more random in the Opt II counting system. If 2 Aces are in play this is called Ace rich , then it is important to subtract 1 from the current running count.

When multiple card values are combined, counting Aces can be complex in multipacks. The fact is that Aces are not actually counted in the regular count, however the basic strategy at this points undergoes multiple changes and variations depending on how many aces have actually been played.

So where does Opt II come from? Really, there is not much difference from other popular forms of counting cards. The Opt II works on a running count used at the table to decide the betting size of the player.

When the count is higher, the bet also becomes higher. When it comes to online blackjack, there are quite a few more indexes in Opt II which means that when card values are added, the method of counting is harder than counting in live play.

Basically, Opt II is a system that requires much more work at the table. With Opt II, the running total is kept track of in the mind of the player and this can mean the deck can either be more favorable to the casino or the player, depending on how the game is going.

The player is having to compute and compute the count as each card is played and falls. Blackjack that is face down does not help the counter.

The player can slightly increase advantage against the dealer using the Opt II system. But the edge Opt II provides is small.

Experienced card counters are the ones who get the most out of the Hi-Opt II system. The Opt II system is very accurate when the player is counting.

That way, the edge that Opt II gives the player, will be easily understood. This running count is more or less a snapshot of how many 10s and other cards low value are still being played in the deck.

The number of decks in play does not determine the precision of cards necessarily because a running count is more valuable with the more decks being used in the game.

When it comes to the true count that is different. The true count is often preferred by professional players because it can help lower the edge that the house has by a few percentage points.

In Opt II, the running count is figured out first. Then, the next step is seeing how many decks are still in play. To correctly estimate this number.

The player considers the number of cards that have already been dealt compared to how many still remain in the shoe. What happens is the running count is divided by the number of decks that still are in play.

Thus, the true count is determined in Opt II. When playing an 8 deck game, there are 32 aces and in a six-deck game, there are Keep a separate count for the aces because of the payoff given in blackjack.

True value really comes out in the Opt II card counting method and helps the player maximize chances for a bigger profit playing at online casinos.

The Opt II counting system is better used by those more experienced players. There are many additional steps and the Opt II counting strategy should be incorporated by those players that are experienced in counting.

Opt II offers more difficulty in card counting, however, the flipside of that is bigger profits to be gained. Harder work means bigger profits in the case of Opt II card counting.

It boils down to the player who wants to expand knowledge on the game of blackjack, but who also understand the basic knowledge of card counting.

KISS is a common acronym in the wagering industry. KISS 3 is a current version of this online blackjack counting system. However, by having a closer look at the three counting systems, you can see that there are minimal differences between KISS 3 and the other previous methods.

Each KISS level builds on the previous version. The new versions offer new blackjack players the ability to adapt to playing online Blackjack easily and efficiently.

Hence, a player does not have to do a lot calculation in the course of the game. It offers you only two-thirds of the edge like most complicated games.

In short, after all the cards in a deck have been dealt, the final total is not a necessarily a zero. This is due to the fact that the count does not begin at zero but it starts at a negative range of about -3, -2, or a higher one.

The main advantage of an unbalanced system is that it is more accurate in representing a more favorite deck to a player. The Blackjack KISS 3 counting system was introduced to improve the efficiency of the previous counting systems.

Consequently, a fresh difficulty level was introduced into the new counting system. Beginners do have to worry since this is still a very easy counting system altogether even after the introduction of a new difficulty level.

Online casino players can learn the new system fast and can as well implement what they have learned in live play. In this system, one understands when to place a high bet or a low bet depending on the count.

When the count is high, one is advised to place a high bet since the high number of tens will be of an advantage to the player than to the dealer.

Similarly, if the count is positive or low, you are advised to reduce your bet since the advantage goes to the house.

The KISS 3 is an unbalanced counting system. This means that once all the cards are put in the deck and have been dealt, the ultimate total does not have to be 0.

The logical explanation behind this concept is that it is not mandatory for a player to start counting at 0 when using this counting method.

In fact, it is actually possible for a player to begin counting from a negative number or above negative figures.

The aim of introducing the idea of the unbalanced counting method is to make it possible to vividly give a representation of the real state of a game.

This is very suitable when the deck is least or most favorable for the player. Another thing worth noting is that due to the unbalanced nature of this counting system, it is suitable for single or double deck poker games.

The aces correspond with a -1 count. This is a single level counting strategy. All the KISS card counting versions are designed to be simple.

All subsequent versions of this counting system are meant to improve the properties to the system. You can easily change the indexes from red to black and no difference will be made as long as a player is consistent throughout the deck.

When choosing the counting system to apply, players should consider what attributes are more important to their game.

They should also consider the kind of rules used in different versions of the blackjack. Nowadays that is a benefit to players since most online casinos are adapting the shoe instead of single decks.

In these unbalanced systems, players do not have to convert from the true count to the running count. The conversion also depends with the number of decks that are played.

The approach in all unbalanced systems such as KISS 3 is to multiply -2 by the number of playing decks. For instance, if a player is using a table with four decks, the starting count would only be From -8, you just go on counting normally.

This method is simple for beginners because there is little to keep tracking since you know exactly when you attain the edge.

Similarly, when the count is positive or low, a player should reduce the bet amounts. This reduces losses when the advantage is against the player and when the house has the edge.

You should always remember the basic strategy and also play exceptionally in order to get the highest chances and percentages in the odds.

There are 5 card ranks in KISS 3. All the ten-value cards which include Queen, Ten, Jack and King are counted as For example, one counts the red-colored hearts and diamonds while not counting the others.

Professionally skilled blackjack player and acclaimed author Fred Renzey teaches his updated version of blackjack card counting called the Kiss II Method.

In this helpful book, Fred Renzey breaks down his card counting methods in an easy to digest format and formula. The rules are simple.

The concepts are easy. Does a player still need luck? Yet, with a strategy like this at play the casino's walls will surely tumble down. He wrote the book on card counting.

This was back in Since then, Fred Renzey has been testing his card counting method out and tweaking it like never before.

This simple method is here to save many players from going all in when the house already has The strategy is sound, but players still have to add their own personal touch in order to maximize their profits in blackjack.

This instructional guide will go over the actual exact details of the system. It will tell everything that is needed to know in order to get involved in this ridiculously simple, insanely helpful approach to winning online blackjack.

After reading this short article on card counting, players will feel more at ease playing the game online because the odds will be in their favor.

They will know when to bet high just by adding the number of points generated by played cards. Of course, this guide will introduce the values of each card to be counted in an easy to remember format.

The guide ends with a few simple tips that sum up the method that brings players from the bottom of a barrel to the high rollers' table in a matter of seconds.

With a little finesse any player can become a professional. Any player who knows that winning blackjack requires having an edge will enjoy reading this instructional manual.

Most players who count cards have had to invest hours upon hours reading books on card counting, watching videos about it or practicing over and over nonstop.

There's an easier way to count cards. If Fred Renzey puts his experience and reputation on the line to teach everyone this way to win, then it must work.

The approach is sound and logical. If a player wants to learn a way to play blackjack and better their odds, then they've come to the right place.

The blackjack player who is successful in implementing this card counting methodology must have a good understanding of what is required in point values at the table.

Then, when the point values drop to zero or lower than zero the player should lower the bet or sit out until the point values return to a higher number.

By keeping track of point values any player can train themselves to be a professional blackjack player. The correct way to start out the point count is widely theorized with some discrepancy.

It is safer to start the count when the deck is fresh with a count much lower than zero. Even starting with points is fair, so the player can be certain that the bets they place will bring in positive returns.

The card values are what determine the points added or subtracted in order to place correctly corresponding bets at the blackjack table.

For a red 2, 0 points are added. Card values 7, 8, 9 and Ace get 0 points added to the count. Lastly, card values 10, Jack, Queen and King get -1 points added to the count.

Keeping track of these point counts is what counting cards is all about. This way of counting cards has the player keep track of the suit of the 2 cards that appear.

This is debated by many blackjack players. They argue different approaches that should be regarded when these cards appear. This methodology is proven to enhance winning odds and give players a better edge.

Ultimately, it comes down to the player's experience and personal choice that decide how to count suits. The player can add a substantial edge to their profitability of.

The player should start counting at the start of a new shoe of cards. The count should start with until the player has confidence in their understanding of card counting to change the starting point count at their own discrepancy.

For every card that enters the table, the player will add or subtract the corresponding point value. The player can sit out until the point value is favorable to bet, or the player can bet low in order to conserve funds for better point values.

This makes it a lot easier to keep track of the fast-moving dealer's hands. Unlike other counting methods this method keeps the point value for Aces at zero, which is another simplification.

The simplified and easy method for counting cards that is explained here will be a valuable tool for novice and expert players alike.

No longer will house edge trump players. The knowledge and foresight explained here will keep the tuned in blackjack player aware of the standing of the game, so the player can make the best decisions on how much they should bet.

Every player will have different experiences with using this method. It can be rearranged to suit every players' needs when betting.

This method can be tailored to fit personal preference. Online casinos had better look out with counting professionals that learn this method on the loose.

The Knockout Blackjack counting system is popularly known as the Blackjack KO card counting strategy. It is one of the easiest counting system in Blackjack card games for numerous reasons.

The following is an in-depth explanation of how the KO system works and why it is much easier to use than most blackjack counting systems.

There are many kinds of card counting strategies that exist but they all try to accomplish the same goal easily and differently. All of them measure the advantage that players have over the house due to the number of high cards as compared to low cards in the playing deck.

For instance, when players are using the simple systems, they should give a value of -1 to each ace. This means that your probability of winning is high and therefore you should increase your bet amount.

Our online assistant will help you learn how to count cards like a professional, and boost your chances of winning.

Although casinos frown upon method gamblers, there is nothing to stop you doing it. As you become more proficient in the art of card counting, the more money you stand to win.

Who would want to argue against that? This blackjack tool is to be used by people over the age of Unlike the dealer, who is forced to follow certain rules, in the game of blackjack a player can choose whatever strategy they want to follow.

There are a number of different card counting strategies to use, however, the most common is known as the High-Low strategy.

Fortunately, there is an easier way if you want to know more about how to count cards. In an ordinary pack of cards there are an equal number of high and low cards in the pack.

High-value cards tens, picture cards, and aces are far more beneficial for the player. Low-value cards, on the other hand, benefit the dealer more.

Those cards in the middle, sevens, eights, and nines, are considered to be neutral cards. As the cards are dealt out of the shoe, a card counter simply adds up or subtracts the point values, giving them a running total.

Understandably, casinos were not too keen on card counting, and in order to make it much harder, multiple decks were introduced. It worked for a while, but gamblers are very resourceful, and soon found a way around the problem.

The best way to explain it is with a scenario. Now picture yourself with the same running count but five decks left to be dealt. They are both very different scenarios.

The first example is the best position to find yourself in because the edge is in your hands. The true count is easy to work out, you simply divide the figure you have for the running count by how many decks are still to be dealt.

If the true count is one, for example, the house edge is the same as the players advantage. With a true count of 2, on the other hand, the players advantage is increased by half a percent.

This does depend on the rules being played and the number of cards dealt before the decks are shuffled, but it is a good strategy to work by.

If the true count is favouring the player you should bet big. If, on the other hand, the true count is neutral or negative your bets should be small.

Casinos are well aware that card counters can lose them money. The best way to fool the house is to dress like a tourist and appear to be enjoying your time at the table by talking to the dealer and not betting too quickly.

And they take advantage of their right to deny service to anyone they please by searching for and kicking out suspect gamblers.

But there are a few ways you can fool the casino. First, don't look the part. Second, vary your bet minimally. While this decreases your advantage, it increases your card counter camouflage.

Doubling or tripling your bet suddenly is the quickest way to flag yourself, and not only will that draw unwanted attention, but the dealer will likely shuffle the deck, ruining your count.

BY William Herkewitz. The Theory In a normal game of blackjack played with a single deck of cards, the "house edge"—the statistical likelihood that the casino will come out on top—is essentially nil.

In Practice There are more than a few card counting strategies, but perhaps the best and easiest is a system called High-Low. Not Getting Caught Despite what any casino would like you to think, card counting is not illegal.

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Black Jack Card Counting Video

Card Counting Made Easy? A Look Into The Ace/Five Counting System Smart gamblers are awar Related Articles. This is debated by many Texas Holdem River players. Another advantage is that the player does not have to change Casino Pl Kody bet size as much, or at all if they choose. Become a Member. This simple method surprises many people who think that card counting takes a lot of intelligence. The act of card counting at Dinner & Casino Night physical blackjack table with List Of Mini Games brain alone without using any counting devices such as computers and electronicsis considered to be perfectly legal and is not considered cheating.

Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Method 1 of Bet with at least units to avoid going broke at casinos.

Most professional card counters prefer to play with units or more. Prior to the deal, the running count is always 0. Every time a card is laid down on the table, you're going to add or subtract 1 from the running count—the overall score after adding the values of each card dealt.

If you see a 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, add 1 to the total. If you see a 10, Jack, Queen, King, or Ace, subtract 1 from the total. If you see a 7, 8, or 9, the total remains the same.

This counting technique is known as "Hi-Lo". Reset the running count every time the dealer shuffles the deck.

Calculate your true count by dividing the running count by the decks. Casinos typically use multiple decks to try and prevent card counters from gaining an advantage over the house.

This means the player does not yet have the advantage. This ensures that you aren't just counting the number of high cards—you're also considering the concentration of these cards compared to the low card concentration.

Bet the true count minus 1 betting unit. This means you should bet 3 betting units. Raise your bets with the rise of the true count.

When the running count is positive after any given round, there are more large cards than small within the undealt cards. Increase your bet size to take advantage of these odds.

Decrease your bets with the decrease of the true count. When the running count is negative, there are more small cards than high within the undealt cards.

This puts you at a disadvantage, so decrease your bet size and don't raise. Method 2 of Count using the Omega II system. The 9 card is valued at -1, face cards and 10s are valued at -2, and 8 and Aces are 0.

Positive counts mean that more low cards are in the dealer's deck, while negative counts are indicative of more higher cards in the deck.

When the deck is rich with Aces, you still have a better chance of the dealer giving you a blackjack and should raise your bets accordingly.

Employ the Wong Halves card counting strategy. All 8s are 0, 9 is valued at Thorp was a mathematician who figured out that by removing a single 2 from a deck of cards made blackjack a positive expectation for the perfect basic strategy player.

So is it worth it? There are lots of ways to make money. Colin is the founder of Blackjack Apprenticeship.

Tour Membership. Become a Member. How To Count Cards. Assign a value to every card Step 2. Change your bets as the true count rises.

Counting cards is simple, but can take time to master. Bonus Tip The true count will tell us what our advantage is at any point in a multiple deck blackjack game.

So that's it? I can beat casinos now? If you come up against a dealer using multiple decks in blackjack, you can still use the Hi-Lo strategy.

All you need to do is divide the running count by the number of decks remaining. This will give you what is called a 'true count'.

Your true count figure, rather than your running count, dictates your advantage when multiple decks are involved. You must keep an accurate running total to enable you to work out the true count value.

For example, if your running total is 5 and there are 2 decks remaining, your true count will be 2. The easiest strategy to master is the Hi-Lo approach.

For first time card counters it's advisable to start here and see how you get on. As your ability increases, on top of counting you can choose to advance to an alternative blackjack strategy should you feel it necessary.

We have got plenty of other tips on playing blackjack which you can employ in your game technique. At Casino. There are laws which you must consider before practicing card counting.

For example, Nevada state laws prohibit card counting with electronic or mechanical aids such as smartphone apps. You will be arrested if you are caught doing this.

Using your own arithmetic skills to keep track of cards is not illegal. Although the legal situation for card counting is quite clear cut, using your head to count cards is still not welcomed at casinos.

Although a casino and its operator cannot prosecute unless you are using a device, they can make your situation very unpleasant if you're caught.

Some law firms in the US have specific legal teams and defense attorneys who deal with Las Vegas casino arrests.

Since casino operators are well aware of the practice of card counting, they take measures to keep you from doing so.

You will find surveillance cameras whenever you look up. Dealers are often switched when a table is considered 'hot' by a pit boss.

Sometimes, the pit boss will get the dealer to force a shuffle once the hand being dealt is over. Online blackjack does not have the same problem, but some software forces random shuffles to counteract this practice.

It is important to be responsible and to respect the rules of the house if you decide to walk into a casino. While it's important to pay close attention to the cards drawn, it's equally as important to always bear in mind how much money you have to play with.

You don't want to start making any sudden drastic moves and run out of cash. Card counting may not be illegal as long as you do it in your head, but it's still frowned upon in many land casinos.

Should staff catch you in the act, you may be asked to leave the game or could even find yourself thrown out of the casino.

Card counting online is extremely difficult, thanks to the use of RNGs which randomly reshuffle the deck after each turn. You'll be far more successful playing at a land casino with a real-life dealer and physical deck of cards.

There are many different strategies out there to try, with a few mentioned right here on this page. Practice a few different ones to see which works best for you, then put your new skills to the test playing blackjack.

Card counting is a system for tracking the probability of receiving cards that are favorable to you, during the course of a game.

With card counting, the idea is not to count the numbers of each individual card in order to know when you have an advantage over the house.

The idea is to know when the remaining deck is poor or rich in high cards. When you play online, a pit boss cannot monitor you anyway.

Card counting is a skill and is a playing strategy above all else. The technique itself is not difficult. It does however take practice.

There is a learning curve when it comes to card counting. You just need to get a grasp of blackjack as a game and understand the required counting system each time you play.

Our dedicated card counting simulator is a great way to practice the basic Hi-Lo strategy. It won't take you all the way to becoming a pro, but is a great way to start practicing.

Practice online or with friends rather than in a real casino, you don't want to be caught out while you're still learning!

The amount of time it takes to learn how to count cards is completely subjective. The way to determine how long it might take, is to first consider how fast and efficient you are at arithmetic.

You can. Baccarat is a game that can be controlled via card counting, although it requires an impressive level of skill to implement the strategy.

The seldom mentioned 3-card brag can also be played by card counting, as the deck is only shuffled during specific game scenarios.

Your best bet is to learn the strategy yourself by practicing. Helpful tools like our Card Counting like a Pro tool help you improve your skills and test your knowledge.

In addition, live casinos have to adhere to such strict rules today that the repercussions of this happening would be too great.

Of course. You could win on a lucky fluke by just knowing the very basic rules of how to play. Card counting is not a sure-fire way to guarantee a win.

Playing with blackjack strategies is another way to better your chances overall. Confused about which casino is right for you? Learn about the ins and outs of online casinos with our practical and accessible casino guide.

Simply enter your yearly salary and let the results speak for themselves! Casinos to avoid at all costs! Use this guide as a cautionary tale that some online casinos operate unethically and under false pretences.

Keep up with the latest insider info about casinos, betting culture and the gambling community with our regularly updated blog.

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